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” I sat and watched as she went to her wardrobe, all the time she and Renie were chatting away, she took off her gown and stood there naked, the thing that got to me was her looks, she only looked about 20, she was slim my height, smaller tits than me, dark hair, but her husband looked older than Ken

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. About an hour later we were in the car on the way to Debbies house, it was about a twenty minute drive, and we turned into a really nice estate, with big new houses, and posh cars on there gardens, “here we are said Ken” as he turned into a little close with only 3 houses in it, he put his hand on Renies leg and started rubbing up her thigh, “ready for a fun night then kid?” he looked at Renie and smiled, “I hope so” she laughingly replied, and iwatched his hand disappear up her skirt, “stop it Ken” as she pushed his hand away, “cant you wait for anything”. Cum In Mouth. Rick grabbed her and bent her over before smacking her ass hard. The sound filled the room with her heavy breathing

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